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Australian Christian Churches (australianchurches.net.au) is a free online Australian churches websites directory where you can browse, search and easily find a church near you in Australia.

Australian Christian Churches Website

What is the purpose of this website?
We seek to provide an easy to use website that lists all Australian Churches with websites. Please tell us your thoughts of how we are doing via the feedback form.
Why provide such a service?
For any website to be found it is important to have links from other sites pointing to it--hence we link to these churches and they link back to us.
Do you have preferred linking words?
YES! When you link to use it would be appreciated if you would use the phrase "Australian Churches" and link to our homepage: http://www.australianchurches.net.au/ (more linking ideas & images)
Some church websites aren't listed?
The church websites that are listed have been submitted by someone related to that particular church. This is not a commercial directory so churches are only added when I get a spare moment. If you want a church to be included, please complete the church submission form and we will consider adding it.
Does every church submission get approved?
NO! We view every site pre inclusion to ensure that it is a church website and that it is suitably functionable. Sites that are denied a listing generally have too many "Under Construction" pages and may also be missing basic information a visitor to their site would be seeking.
The church details are incorrect.
If you notice that a church's information is incorrect, please complete the church update form and we will ammend the church's details ASAP.
Why do you display ads?
The time spent building and maintaining this site is partly covered by people visiting the site advertising (Please feel free to click a few ads so we can keep this site running).
Are you trying to copy Google?
NO! This site does have a feel/look similar to the Google sites and we did this intentionally. It is well known that people find it easy to surf websites when they feel comfortable on them. Since Google is the most widely used search engine (you probably used it to find this site) we styled our site to help our visitors feel at home.
Who owns this site?
The owner and builder of this Australian Churches website (australianchurches.net.au) is Mike Allbutt who is a freelance Christian website designer from Melbourne, Austalia.
When did australianchurches.net.au begin?
The website australianchurches.net.au began on September 25 2006. When it commenced it had 200+ Australian churches listed in the directory. Since then it has been steadily growing with many more churches being added daily.
What makes a good church website?
The best thing about a church website is that it stays relevant to its visitors. One great way to keep the site relevant is to keep the content updated. The best way to do this is to use a CMS (content management system) which will allow one or more people to contribute to the content of your church website.
Do you have some good church website design tips?
Yes. The most important tips have been listed on the page describing the top 10 design mistakes church websites often make.
What CMS should a church use?
From my expereince I would suggest the use of Joomla! which is a free open source website system/application which uses mysql and php. This CMS should serve the needs of 95% of churches.
There are also special Joomla addons written to help churches build great websites. ie. CiviCRM - the free open source constituent relationship management solution for the Civic Sector.
Another good choice of CMS is CMS Made Simple which lives up to its name. If you need a php CMS that works without a database then use CMSimple.
Can you help our Church website?
YES! I am often called upon to design, search engine optimise or advise about church websites. Give me a call when you need a quote or advice. (03) 9402 4513

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